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                Manufacturing PMI rebounded for 4 consecutive months[2015-04-20]
                Federation of China logistics and purchasing, the National Bureau of Statistics Service Industry Research Center released data show that in March this year, China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) was 53.1%, rose 2.1 percentage points. This is the data for fourth consecutive months of recovery.
                China Federation of logistics and purchasing, special analyst Zhang Liqun said that in March PMI index continued to rise, and the magnitude of the general rise in the classification index. From the meaning of the index itself, indicating a rebound in economic growth trend. But from the market demand and economic growth in reality, there is a certain gap.
                "1~2 exports, investment, consumption growth is reduced to some extent, the industrial growth rate also fell 1 percentage points. Economic growth and price inflation declined trend. From the perspective of the relationship between market demand and economic growth, the future economic growth will show a decline trend." Zhang Liqun said that the gap between the PMI index and the actual economic trend, but also need to further observe the analysis.
                Another expert said, the March PMI index reflects the current supply and demand, recovery, recovery equilibrium. But it must also be seen that these changes have a certain seasonal. In March this year, the index level is still lower than in the past, the trend is still to observe the latter.

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