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                Position:Home > About Us > Introduction

                             Ganyeah Holding Group Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of stainless steel tubes & pipes and the upstream and downstream products as leading industries,integrates science,industry and trade of large enterprise groups. Investment in such areas as industrial stainless steel tube&pipe manufacturing,Nickel mining,smelting of nickel alloy and its application in research and development of new technologies and other industries.The group through professional management, strong capital support,large-scale operations and good credit guarantee to provide high value-added products and services to our customers at home and abroad.


                Professional and Cost-effective Industrial Stainless Steel Tubes&Pipes

                The products including industrial fluid conveying pipes(GB/T12771HG20537ASTM A312ASTM A358ASTM A790JIS G3459EN 10217-7),boiler,heat exchanger and condensator tubes(GB/T24593ASTM A249JIS G3463DIN17457),thin-walled drinking water tubes(GB/T19228CJ/T151JIS G3448EN10312),food sanitation tubes(ASTM A270DIN11850ISO2037)and large caliber industrial welded pipes(GB/T12771HG20537ASTM A312JIS3468EN10217)which conform to both domestic and overseas standards.


                Advanced Production Technology and Capacity: The continuous molding production lines equipment can produce the tubes & pipes with the maximum diameter of 16inches(406mm),the single molding production process equipment can produce the tubes&pipes with the maximum diameter of 118 inches(3000mm). The production equipment introduced from Belgium,France,Taiwan and domestic.The company has a complete range of products.Till now we can produce tubes & pipes with outside diameter from 12mm to 3000mm and with wall thickness from 0.5mm to 50mm. Our production capacity is over 20 thousand tons per year.


                Stable and Reliable Quality:The company has a strict quality assurance, with perfect certificates and testing equipment.To ensure our products conform to the standard even the special requirements of customers.Our products have spread all over the world, winning good reputation from large numbers of customers.

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