SwaddleSure by HALO SleepSack Giveaway

27th August 2015

I think as parents we all have one main fear whether it be that our kids will drown, or snap their neck, or have potato spuds growing out of their ears. Derek is terrified of our boys choking and mine has always been that they will suffocate in their sleep.

Okay, so this post is starting out a little dark— sorry about that!

The thing is, both Declan and now Bennett have a problem with conventional swaddling and refuse to keep their arms inside of the blanket.

So co-sleeping became a natural solution because if they are on my chest then I can tell if they are breathing or not.

Now don’t get me wrong— I love the closeness and bond from co-sleeping.

But sometimes I need to be able to sleep on my side instead of my back— sometimes I need to be able to actually enter my REM cycle instead of carefully treading outside of it in barely-asleep mode in case my baby moves the wrong way.

So when I was approached with the opportunity to try out the SwaddleSure by HALO SleepSack, I was really excited.

*HALO sent me this product sample. All opinions are my own*

The SwaddleSure has a patented three-point fastening system that makes it harder for your baby to bust out, which was a huge selling point for me.

It also supports hip health by not constraining the legs like receiving blankets can, but rather allowing your little one to put them in a natural position and move as needed.

Beside the fact that B looked absolutely adorable in the sack, I was pleased to find that he really enjoyed it too!

I was able to place him in a crib for the first time since the day he was born and he actually slept there.

(Don’t mind all of the different patterns we’ve got going on in this picture!)

So far I’ve only been able to remember to put him in the sac for naps.

Usually at night I get distracted and once he is asleep I don’t want to wake him.

 I’m hoping to get him in it for bedtime this week so that I can sleep on my side and dream about Costa Rica.

Now for the fun part:

I want to pass the goodness on to all of you!

I’ve got one SwaddleSure by HALO to giveaway to a lucky reader.

You can enter to win this awesome SleepSack below.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday, September 1.

(US and Canada entries only).

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Good luck everyone!


One Month Old

24th August 2015

Onesie from JamJamsJam

Saturday marked one full month since Bennett made his grand entrance into this world.

Seeing as this is our last baby (God willing), it feels very emotional that his first month is already over.

He gained a whopping two pounds and 3/4 of an inch in just 4 short weeks and I already have to pack up his newborn onesies because they no longer fit.

Are you kidding me?

Declan was wearing newborn clothes for at least 3-4 months, so I just assumed I had more time.

Along with being a big old scrumptious wad of baby, Bennett is incredibly strong— just like his brother was.

He has been able to hold his head up since birth and now has close to full control over it.

He tries to stand all of the time, and diaper changes can sometimes be a struggle because he pushes his legs out so firmly and holds them there with his Hulk-like strength.

He eats All. Day. Long.

But I’m not even kidding— the average baby eats around 8-12 times per day. Bennett eats more like 15-20 times, with stretches where he will literally nurse for 2-4 hours straight. While a big chunk of that is just comfort nursing, it can still get a little overwhelming when you’ve been an open tap for that long.

And heaven forbid a boob fall out of his mouth before he was ready for it to. He makes this ravenous sound that Derek describes as when Beast (from Beauty and the Beast) is eating his porridge. It’s a hilariously creepy snarl that frightens my husband at 2:00 am.

B loves his daddy. He will wake up with a big smile when he hears Derek’s voice and loves sitting with him and getting/giving kisses.

Declan is in love with his baby brother for the most part, and always asks to hold him or give him a kiss. He loves playing with his feet — I’m  actually pretty sure Declan has a foot fetish, but we’ll save that for another time.

It’s been a month full of sleepless nights, multiple cups of coffee, and milk-stained shirts, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Can’t wait to see what this next month has in store for us!


His & Hers Pillowcase Giveaway

18th August 2015

Yesterday morning I peeled out of bed, threw on my robe, and started our day as usual.

I was nursing my baby in one arm while peeing — because you give up your right to use the restroom by yourself when you become a parent— when Declan began throwing a fit over the fact that I was in the bathroom, despite the door being wide open.

I jumped up at his banshee scream and when I did, my phone fell right out of my robe pocket and into the toilet.

So I started my day fishing an iPhone out of my pee.

After sanitizing the damn thing I threw it in a bag of rice (because that’s what Google told me to do) and 8 hours later it was as good as new!

Seriously, where would we be without the Internet to tell us life hacks?

That story had absolutely nothing to do with my post today, I just really wanted to tell you guys.

Anyway— if you follow me on Instagram then you may remember this picture I posted a few weeks back of these lovely pillow cases I got for our master bedroom.

I’ve spent the last two years carefully selecting pieces for the room because Derek claims that I change my mind on home decor like I’m speed dating.

So these pillow cases spent a year on my inspiration board before I finally pulled the trigger and bought them from ZanaProducts.

And well— I love them so much that I want to give a set away to you!

Mine are white but the ones I have for this giveaway are off-white. Just wanted you to keep that in mind for decorating purposes.

This contest will close on Thursday at  8:00 pm PST and I will announce the winner later that day.

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Good luck!


In The Next 10 Years I Will…

11th August 2015

Saturday was my husband’s 10 year high school reunion.

We didn’t go, because getting a babysitter for your two week old seemed a little too Kim Kardashian for us, but we laughed about how old we are on our couch while watching a weird Netflix series and eating homemade banana cookies— clearly winning.

With my own reunion less than two weeks away (see above for why we won’t be attending), I am taken back ten years to the young girl that I was.

Derek’s school did a thing where they gave everyone at the reunion a copy of a “where I will be in ten years” paper that they had all filled out back in high school.

I sort of love that, and while I did not fill one out in my senior year, I can tell you what it would have said:

“Married with two kids. Traveling the world as a singer.”

I started thinking about how we determine and set these long term goals and it made me want to reevaluate the way I do things.

I mean, doesn’t it seem weird to make settling down with a husband and kids a goal within a specific timeline?

Granted, I met these goals within the allotted time, but what if I hadn’t met Derek until later on in life?

Would my sensational need to live up to my 17-year-old self’s expectations have caused me to settle into a lack-luster marriage?

Naive 17-year-old Andi: Senior portrait

I know I’m not the only one who made these marital/family goals.

I always thought that I would be married by 21, having kids by 23.

But once I actually was 21, I realized how completely insane that was.

No, marriage and kids did not fit into my schedule of Vegas weekends and pub crawls.

And thank goodness— because sitting on the asphalt outside of a Vegas hotel in my bikini crying over my spilled purse and watching my friend unknowingly chug a beer with a cigarette butt in it at Oktoberfest are some of my favorite memories.

My kids are amazing.

I wouldn’t trade them for all of the irresponsibly fun nights in the world.

But I didn’t settle down because I had a deadline to fulfill— I did it because I met the love of my life and we both decided we were ready.

Maybe instead of holding ourselves and our relationships to impossibly high standards such as timelines, we should make other goals instead— ones that are more impactful on our lives and the people around us.

I’ve decided to give this a go— feel free to quote me in another ten years and hold me to each and every one of these on a daily basis.

In the next 10 years I will…

Treat everyone as an equal.

Respect and love my husband.

Exercise patience and understanding towards others.

Give more of myself to the people I love and less of myself to my cell phone, tablet, etc.

Teach my children kindness and compassion.

Forgive freely.

What will your goals for the next ten years be?

I’d love to hear from you!

Comment below or get in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #inthenext10years


My New Breastfeeding Journey 

8th August 2015



It’s the last day of World Breastfeeding Week and being two weeks in, I have found that there are a whole new set of obstacles to face when you decide to exclusively breastfeed the second time around. 

I was prepared for the sore nipples, the all night cluster feeding, the pure dedication it takes to be someone’s food source all day, every day— But what I had not accounted for was how much it would affect my relationship with my oldest son. 

Wednesday I was punched in the gut with this realization.

I had put Declan down for his nap and was feeding Bennett in the living room when all of a sudden I heard D crying.

Mid-nursing and knowing he was okay,  I called him to come and join me on the couch. 

He continued to cry as he cuddled up next to me and waited for his turn to have mommy.

Bennett had finally fallen asleep so I gently placed him in the rocker so that I could tend to Declan’s needs. 

He immediately draped his long limbs over my body and held me tight for a bear hug. 

Then he rested his head in the crease of my arm and began to drift back off to dreamland.

Less than 5 minutes had passed when we heard Bennett struggling next to us, clearly pooping.

He began to fuss through the gas and Declan opened his eyes and looked at me desperately, silently begging me not to move. 

I tried to wait it out and see if Bennett would go back to sleep, but within seconds his fuss turned into a full blown scream and I knew I needed to change and tend to my newborn. 

My chow hound was no doubt hungry again after blowing out his diaper and waiting turns is not a concept that a two week old can grasp. 

So I kissed my toddler on his head and gently moved him off of me, explaining that I needed to change his brothers diaper and asking him if he would like to join me and help.

Declan let out a cry— no, a sob, unlike any I had heard from him in a long while. 

I rushed through the diaper change and scurried back to the couch to try and snuggle with him while feeding Bennett.

Through tears he began pleading with me:

“Mama, Bennett down. No Bennett. Mama pease.”

I joined him in his cry and pulled him in close.

“I’m so sorry my baby. I’m so sorry.”

Salty, tear-filled kisses left my lips to his forehead and I found myself completely unable to control my emotions or the situation.

Fortunately, Declan noticed the car pattern on Bennett’s onesie and began to point and name the colors which calmed him down.

But for me it took a little longer to calm down— I’m still calming down from the whole thing. 

I never anticipated that Declan too, would have to make sacrifices for mine and Bennett’s breastfeeding journey.

With Declan I had nothing but time. 

Time to sit and stare into his eyes while he ate.

Time to lounge on the couch and let him eat for however long he wanted. 

Time for comfort nursing and couch naps together. 

But with Bennett, things are different for everyone involved.

They have to be. 

And I am starting to understand that that is okay.

Our journey will be different because our circumstances are different. 

I think I had to let it set in that neither of them are suffering.

Declan can entertain himself while I feed his brother every now and then and Bennett isn’t going to be a serial killer because he didn’t get as much comfort nursing as Declan did. 

I know now that I’m going to have hard days that go beyond the level of my milk supply or comfort of my breasts.

New challenges will emerge as I balance life with two littles.

But I can take comfort in the reminder of what I have accomplished before and the motivation to do it again even amidst these new obstacles.

The Story of Baby Bennett

27th July 2015

It was Tuesday when I went in for my 39 week doctor appointment to have my cervix checked.

I had progressed to 2 cm and asked my doctor to go ahead and strip my membranes since I was having so many contractions that were leading to nothing.

Immediately after she did the contractions came and they stayed.

I knew then that I would be having Bennett by the following day.

At 4:00 am on July 22 I woke up to pee and found that I had lost my mucus plug.

I crawled back into bed but quickly got up again upon realizing that my contractions were starting to get strong.

My parents agreed to watch Declan for us while I delivered so I sent my mom a text letting her know that I was in labor, set up a pick up time for Declan, and hopped in the shower while the boys slept.

I was breathing through contractions every 5-7 minutes while I did my hair and make up, double checked our hospital bag, and turned on a movie.

My dad showed up around 6:00 am and I finally went to wake up the boys.

After Declan left, I had Derek get ready and eat some breakfast and we decided to turn on an episode of our current Netflix binge, Arrow.

Throughout the episode my contractions grew in intensity and length and by the end we decided it was probably time to make our way over to the hospital.

On our way, I turned on the Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack and when the song “Flashlight” came on Derek and I both immediately burst into tears.

Both our minds went straight to Bennett’s Godfather that he wouldn’t get to meet in this lifetime, and we held hands as we reminded one another that Brian was in that car with us.

When I got there I was 4 cm dilated and ready to be admitted.

I had labored for over 5 hours medication free and with my contractions now happening back to back I decided it was epidural time.

My epidural was still in the process of kicking in around 10:30 am when I felt my water break. I was now 5 cm and they let me know that my body was progressing quickly and Bennett was clearly ready to go, so they were going to let nature take its course.

My nurse said, “give me a call when you feel the urge to push” and left me to relax.

Around 12:30 pm I finally convinced Derek that he needed to eat and he went down to grab some food while I rested.

For whatever reason, my epidural was less effective on the right side of my body, so I was still feeling my contractions, though not as strong as I would have without it.

Right before Derek walked back into the room I felt my first “urge”.

I didn’t say anything to him about it, just asked him about his lunch while I reached for the phone to call my nurse.

But before I could call her she walked in and said, “nothing yet?”

I told her I was literally picking up the phone to call her and she let me know she would go and call the midwife to check me.

But before she could grab her phone, my midwife walked in and said, “no baby yet?”

It’s like everyone subconsciously knew it was go time because not a single call had to be made.

She took a quick peek:

“Are you ready to have a baby mama? Because this baby is ready to come!”

Derek’s eyes widened and with shock he exclaimed, “are you serious?!”

She was very serious and had me do a quick push to see how close Bennett was to being out.

After one round of pushing she scrubbed up and told us that this baby was going to be pushed out very quickly.

She was right.

I only pushed for 20 minutes before Bennett Lee-Brian Franklin entered this world on July 22, 2015 at 1:50 pm.

(All photos were taken by Veister Photography)

It was the smoothest, easiest labor and delivery I could have ever asked for.

I was cool as a cucumber the entire time and thanks to working out throughout my pregnancy, my ab muscles were fully engaged during each push, making it easy and effective.

In fact, I think the staff was more concerned about Derek than they were about me.

My seasoned birth vet of a husband almost passed out mid-delivery.

He chalked it up to the hospital chicken sandwich he had for lunch, but it was pretty crazy seeing him in a worse state than the one giving birth.

I cried so many happy tears when they placed Bennett on my chest for the first time.

I didn’t get that time with Declan and I was so elated to be able to have it with B.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t crying as loud as they would like and he had a wheeze just like Declan, so they took him from my chest and worked on him for the next 20 minutes or so.

My heart stopped as I realized that history might be repeating itself all over again.

Luckily, the doctor came in and he was finally cleared to come back to me.

He latched to my breast as if he had done it a million times before, and I looked at my husband in shock of how great I felt after just pushing an 8 lb baby out of my woo-haw.

I was still in my birthing bed when our first guests came.

We wanted Declan and Bennett’s first meeting to be documented, so I asked D’s godfather to come and take some pictures for us and my parents came with little man.

He didn’t want anything to do with me or Derek when he got there, and he had no idea what to think about Bennett.

Luckily, he warmed up to everyone after a few minutes and even hopped up in bed with me to share a sandwich.

By the end of the day, he was talking about Bennett non-stop and even asked to hold him.

Melt my heart.

After everyone left Bennett’s godmother and grandpa came to see him.

We all talked and laughed as we remembered his godfather Brian and before we knew it we were almost an hour past visiting hours.

The night was spent with nurses coming in and out of the room every 30 minutes to run tests, provide information, etc. and by morning we were all exhausted from a lack of sleep.

Still, I found myself literally dancing in the hospital room less than 24 hours after giving birth because I felt so good and my heart was so full.

We were released just before 2 pm that day and have been home ever since.

I’m only reminded that I gave birth five days ago when I look at my slowly deflating belly or do a little too much around the house.

I was unable to sit down or walk normally for a good week and a half my first time around, so I know how lucky I am to be feeling so great.

Bennett is the sweetest, snuggliest little sausage who sleeps through his brothers screams and only cries when he needs something.

Declan likes to give Bennett kisses, wave hello to him, and he falls asleep talking about his baby brother every night.

Derek is a pillar of strength, the very definition of what it means to be a true father and man. He smiles all day long while he shifts his attention between all three of us, making sure we are all taken care of.

And me, I’m on cloud nine.

My mom always told me that having your second child, you wonder if you’ll be able to love them to the same degree as your first or if you’ll be taking love away from one kid to give it to the other. But she said that once they are born, you see that love doesn’t change, it expands, and your heart just grows taller and wider than you could ever imagine possible.

I believed her, but now I know firsthand what she meant.

It’s such an overwhelmingly euphoric feeling to have so much goodness pumping through your veins.

My life has yet again been forever changed.

How lucky am I to feel love like this?

Bennett Lee-Brian Franklin,

     Your journey is just beginning and the world is already better with you in it. Let’s go live an adventure. I can’t wait to watch yours unfold.

All my love,



Monday Bump: 38 Weeks

20th July 2015


*Note: I am actually 39 weeks today. All posts will be a week behind.*

Let’s take a quick moment to chat about the fact that yes, I am still pregnant.

I had Declan at exactly 39 weeks but apparently B is still too cozy and unwilling to budge from his space.

It would be fine, except for the fact that I have been dealing with contractions now for over four days and am exhausted.

But we will get to that in a few.


I was able to get some freezer meal prepping done this week and I’m so glad.

For the first two weeks particularly after having Declan, it felt damn near impossible to cook and I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like with two kids (Though I’m about to find out).

So I’m happy that we will have clean eating meals easily accessible to us while we learn to navigate our new lifestyle in the coming weeks.


Like I said above, I started having contractions on Thursday.

They came consistently for 6 hours and then suddenly disappeared.

This has continued to happen everyday since then.

it’s called prodromal labor, which is essentially when your body acts like it is in true labor but then does not progress.

I had a similar case with Declan and ended up having to get a muscle relaxer because my body was so worn out after 4 straight days of non-stop contracting.

Luckily, this time the contractions seem to leave after about 5-7 hours, but they are more intense than the ones I had with Declan and it’s starting to wear on me both mentally and physically.

I have my next doctors appointment tomorrow and if I haven’t had any real progress I will be requesting a membrane strip to get things moving along.


In a desperate attempt to keep labor coming, I tried several different natural induction techniques.

I can now say from experience that the following did diddly-squat for me.

Pineapple: I ate the whole thing. At least it was a tasty attempt

Nipple Stimulation: This one got contractions to come, but they never stayed consistently from it

Spicy food: Friends and family know that I am a big wimp when it comes to all things hot, so you know I was desperate when I tried this one. Derek thought it was hilarious watching me try to eat hot sauce.

Walking: We walked all around the LA Zoo on Saturday and all I got was the smell of kettle corn and wet bird in my clothes from it.

Sex: At least you win with this one, even when you lose 😉

-Caffeine: I became jittery, that’s about it.


None at all.

I’ve actually lost about 2 lbs. because I just haven’t had an appetite, which is normal as you approach labor.




Going into labor, (hopefully sometime this week) and finally meeting my baby boy!


Hospital Bag Must-Haves

14th July 2015

I know that most first time moms have a tendency to be over-prepared, but I was the exact opposite.

I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that I had Declan only five days after moving into our new home and half of our things were still in boxes.

I remember the morning of, scrambling in-between contractions to get a bunch of last minute things put into our bag.

Not only did my mother-in-law have to make two different trips back to the car to grab stuff, she also had to go back home and get Derek clothes because somehow my selfish ass forgot that he too, would be staying the night in the hospital.

Luckily, I am now a seasoned vet and I learned so much about what I need and don’t need with me to have as comfortable a stay as possible.

So I wanted to share with all of you what I’ve got packed this time around.

I think a lot of the things on this list are pretty obvious must-haves (you mean you weren’t going to bring deodorant before I told you to?) but I’d like to highlight a few items that I did not think of the first time around so that you can learn from my mistakes.

A ROBE: I so wish I had thought of this one, probably more than anything else. Hospital gowns open from the back and you have people coming to check on you every ten minutes, so you basically spend 24 hours a day with your boobs out. I remember when guests were coming to visit us Derek would have to remind me to tie my gown back up because I had gotten so used to it just sort of being open all day. Having my own robe that opens from the front means that I not only get to be WAY more comfortable in something soft, but I also can feel less exposed.

NIGHTGOWN: Piggy-backing on the robe is a nightgown. I ended up not wearing any shirts during my hospital stay with Declan due to how often they needed my goodies open and all I had on below was Derek’s pj pants. I am so looking forward to being in a comfy nightgown that looks cute for when I have guests and is nursing friendly.


I bought this one in green at Target for $20 and with the way the straps are I can easy nurse/cover-up as I please.

BABY PICTURE OUTFIT: I had no idea that our hospital has a company come in and take newborn pictures of your little one the first time around so all I had with me was some regular, boring onesies.

MILD BODY WASH: Take my word on this one. As much as you may love your ultra scented Bath and Body Works soap, leave it at home and bring something mild instead. Your woo-haw hurts like nobody’s business and the last thing you want to do is irritate your already raw skin with soap.

PILLOWS: Make that for him and her. The hospital pillows blow and your back will thank you for bringing your own fluffy ones.

SNACKS: Seriously, who forgets to bring snacks with them? That would be me, of course. How Derek didn’t hate me for forgetting everything to help him be even mildly comfortable last time I have no idea.

CORD BLOOD KIT: This actually isn’t something I forgot the first time around, but I wanted to bring it up in case any of you are unfamiliar with cord blood banking.

The umbilical cord contains disease fighting stem cells that can be used to treat and heal your baby and even your baby’s siblings from multiple medical conditions.

If you’re a long-time follower then you remember when my mom had to get a stem cell transplant to put her cancer into remission.

Knowing that cancer, kidney disease, and other medical conditions exist on both mine and Derek’s sides, we felt it was extremely important to bank our children’s cord blood and cord tissue.

It’s not a cheap thing to do, but they have payment plans and you could save your child’s life just by storing something that normally gets thrown away.

You can get more info on it here if you’re interested.

I hope you find this list helpful and if I forgot anything (which I really hope I didn’t) I’ll definitely let you know post-baby!


Monday Bump: 37 Weeks

12th July 2015

*Note: I am actually 38 weeks today. All posts will be a week behind.*


At my doctors appointment  I was 1 cm which was progress from last week.

I’ve also officially “dropped” so I’m feeling good knowing that my body is getting ready for B to make his entrance into this world pretty soon.


Even though I spend most of the day not hungry, I’m finding myself wanting to eat just to eat.

It’s like when you know you’re about to start a diet on Monday so you binge on Sunday.

I know that once B is here I’m going to be going 90/10 with clean eating so my mind wants to eat everything I won’t be eating for a long time.

I’ll probably have gained like 5 lbs. at this weeks appointment but whatever.

I regret nothing.


When I was 19 I chopped off all of my hair and  due to some other mistakes in-between (like letting a random hairstylist take me from brown to light blonde in one session) it took me forever to grow my hair back.

So in fear of another long waiting period to get my hair to grow back I’ve said that I wouldn’t cut my hair until I was ready to have short hair for the rest of my life.

But for some reason I looked in the mirror last weekend and decided that I needed a change.

Luckily, my sister-in-law is a hairstylist and a pregnant one at that, so she totally understood my craziness and agreed to chop my hair off for me.

We took off over 4 inches and it felt so good!

I’m completely in love with my new, easy to maintain hair, and it was perfect timing because now I will be able to make my hair look nice even though I’m nursing and newborning and toddlering, and not sleeping.


Declan decided to wake up at 3:30 am for the day on Saturday which was such a bummer.

Derek had to open up his shop that day so I was all alone with a hyper monster all morning.

I was really hoping that he would fall back asleep at some point but he never did so we got in the car and went to Knott’s Berry Farm with my parents and sister.

By the time we were ready to go home Declan had been awake for over 11 hours and even though he was putting on a good show I knew he was exhausted.

After getting him into the car I pulled out of my spot and made and immediate right to the exit.

Before I could even reach the end of the short road he was passed out.

I mean, DONE.

I have never seen him fall asleep that quickly!


Yesterday was my sister-in-laws baby shower!

I wish I was able to get a picture with some better lighting, because the set up was so adorable.

Her due date is a month behind mine and I am beyond excited to meet my little niece in a month and a half.

I’m really fortunate that my brother picked such an awesome wife.

Jamie has easily become one of my best friends and I love knowing that our little ones are going to grow up together so close in age.


All things sweet.

Like I said, I want everything that I know I won’t be having once I pop this little man out!


Wine and sushi.

I’m so close!


Meeting Bennett.

He can hurry up and get here now so that I can smother him with kisses.


DIY Dreamcatcher Mobile

9th July 2015

I’m full term pregnant which means I’m huge, hot all of the time, and convinced that if I’m not on my hands and knees deep cleaning the kitchen trash can then all hell is going to break loose.

I’m not making a nest, I’m building the Great Wall of China and every day I’ve got a giant list of things I just “have to do” like alphabetize the spice cupboard and fully furnish the office/guest room that won’t actually be used by out of town guests for another 4 months.

Because of this, you can expect a wave of DIY/How To blog posts in the upcoming days.

Obviously I am now an expert of all things, so it’s time to stop hogging the cookie tray and share my delicious treats with all of you. Starting with this lovely DIY Dreamcatcher Mobile I made for over Bennett’s crib.

When I transitioned from my original idea of a tribal themed room to my new mystery theme (I’m not telling until it’s done!) I was still able to incorporate some of the previous ideas into the new concept.

One that I loved was this twist on a traditional mobile.

I came across this awesome tutorial on Pinterest and knew I wanted to recreate it.

I do this hilariously awful thing where I get super excited about something and just sort of jump right in without reading all of the directions, so my version ended up being slightly different than hers. (View original tutorial here) 

Still, I love the way it turned out.

So here’s what you need to make this adorable mobile.

– White feathers

– 10 inch metal ring (I could only find one in silver so I spray painted mine gold)

– Thin gold ribbon

– Twine

– Fishing line

– Parchment paper

– Thumb pin

– Gold paint

The first thing I did was paint my feathers.

I recommend laying parchment paper down and doing it on there.

The first time around I naively put paper down and the feathers got stuck to it and were ruined.

Clearly I’m not the best crafter in the world, but you can learn from my mistakes.

So my feathers were done I spray painted my metal ring using some gold spray paint I had lying around from Declan’s birthday party last year.

Once that bad boy dried I grabbed the ribbon and started weaving it in different directions on the ring. The original creator of this just made one long strand and tied as she went along but I didn’t bother reading that so instead I made a bunch of individual pieces.

Thus, mine has a more knotted look where as hers was more smooth but I kind of like it.

Once I was satisfied with the design I went around to the knots and dabbed them with some gorilla glue, just to help gold them into place.

Then I took my twine and cut strands at miscallaneous lengths.

I attached one feather to each end of the twine with more gorilla glue and then knotted them to the ring.

Lastly, I tied the fishing line to opposite ends of the ring and used the thumb nail to tack it to the ceiling.

And there you have it!

A whimsical, easy-to-make mobile that will hopefully scoop up all of the bad dreams leaving only sweet ones for my little mister.